To enhance the Islamic society which has highly integrity of spiritual quotient based on devotion to Allah SWT.




1. To grow the values of nation morality  by owning spiritual quotient as Insan Kamil as written in Al-Qur’An and Al-Hadist ( Sunatullah And Sunaturrosul).


2. To emerge the potency of Islamic culture and Islamic spiritual values.


3. To enhance Islamic cultural and social prosperity in moslem society.


4. To move the economy forward by expanding the skill of Islamic entrepreneurship and to create the reliable human resources with the optimal work ethos.

JL. H. Mawi Nr.99 Rt 001 / RW 01

Desa Waru Induk

Parung - Bogor 16330


1. To build a place for religious activity and  study of Islamic tradition and culture. To conduct activity of Majlis Recitation which aim to self approach to Allah SWT ( Taqarub Ilallah),  to develop and to socialize Islamic values  as part of nation philosophy and culture which have to be practiced in everyday life.


2. To give the real evidence so that its benefit will directly  felt by society. Hopefully, by applying the Islamic values in every single aspects of life, the society problem can be overcomed.


3. As a center for Islamic and social activities, also as a place for education, training, cultural artistic and economics activity which aim to increase prosperity of the society.


4. As a place for Spiritual Tour.

Pursuant to above mentioned consideration, Padepokan Welas Asih Foundation has compiled objective for the sake of the existing of Ukhuwwah Islamiah which tread on Islamic values.


The medium will become the center of Islamic missionize, culture, social, and education by proposing the development of Padepokan Welas Asih foundation as center of Islamic activities  with following objectives:

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Jl.H.Mawi No.99 RT.01/001 Desa Waru Induk Parung Bogor 16330 Jawa Barat - Indonesia