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Jl.H.Mawi No.99 RT.01/001 Desa Waru Induk Parung Bogor 16330 Jawa Barat - Indonesia

Compassion Padepokan is a Spiritual Workshop for those who want to consult on matters of Religion, Households, Psychology, Business, Career, Position and others.

Mr. Drs. KH. Rd. Ryan Sukandar. SH. MH. MM. MM Psi. is the Founder and General Chair of the Compassionate Padepokan.

All answers given by Mr. KH. Rd. Ryan Sukandar is directed to how to overcome the problems they face through the lines of Islam and according to the provisions of the Qur'an.

Allah has said that in fact the Qur'an is revealed as medicine and mercy for those who believe.

Why is this institution called Padepokan, not Islamic boarding schools like those in a number of places in Indonesia?

The establishment of the Compassionate Padepokan began with routine activities carried out by Mr. Drs.KH. Ryan Sukandar, Sh, Mh, Mm, MPsi as the Deputy Governor and Professor of Pencak Silat Tapak Diri.

This activity has begun from Bengkulu, Curup, Condet, Bekasi, Cikeas, Bintaro. And now Padepokan has settled on 5 hectares of land in Waru Induk Village, Parung - Bogor.

The strategic location of the Village of Waru Induk Kampung Jeletreng, Parung is very close to Mount Sindur and Parung Panjang which, according to history, are crossing points of the War Forces led by Pangeran Fatahillah in seizing, entering the city of Batavia.

The location was where he mobilized forces to defeat his opponents in controlling the city of Batavia, and at the same time became the place for the spread of Islamic Religion and Syi'ar.

JL. H. Mawi Nr.99 Rt 001 / RW 01

Desa Waru Induk

Parung - Bogor 16330


Phone        : 0251-8603906 / 8619091

Fax            : 0251-8610311

E-mail       : info@padepokanwelasasih.com

Banker      : BANK MANDIRI - Account Nr. 157-00-0131595-2.

                  BANK BCA - KCU. Kalimalang. Jakarta - Rek.No. 2300028406. A/n. RH. Ryan Sukandar

In the Spiritual Tourism area there is the Majlis Ta’lim and Training Center which will be filled with Recitations, Seminars, and trainings for various groups.


In the bungalows, gazebo and pool, you will be given a Sound System that is directly connected centrally to the Majlis Ta'lim so that they can immediately hear Pengajian in Majlis Ta'lim.


If they are interested, they can press the button and can interactively ask the teacher who is teaching.


People who recite it do not have to deal directly with the Ustadz, but they can fishing while asking fishing, those who drink coffee in the Gazebo can ask Ustadz, those who sit in bungalows can also study Religion.


This is what is called the SPIRIT TOURISM CONCEPT.


Now every night of the night the Compassion Hall holds a DZIKIR ISTIGOTSAH, praying together to let go of all kinds of difficulties and also convey wishes to God. They will also be given Wirid and Amalan.


For adolescents who want to learn Self Defense will be taught SILAT TAPAK DIRI.

Of all the existing Programs, a Cross Subsidy System will be implemented, for those who cannot afford it, they will not pay, but for those who are able and if they want to invest, please, because infaq itself is the Door of Heaven.


For its Development and Development, the Compassionary Guidance is still in dire need of support and assistance from donors - donors who want to participate and want to spend their wealth in the path of Allah by participating in completing this Noble Hereafter Project.


All Programs that will be carried out by the Compassionate Padepokan have been provided by Experts - Workers such as Educators, Acupuncturists, Doctors, Reflection Experts, Ramu-Ramuan Experts under the supervision of KH. Rd. Ryan Sukandar.

Now, the Welas Asih Padepokan officially becomes a legal institution after it was registered with the Notary Ny. Yeni Ambaryatun, SH, MM. on December 19, 2003, under the name Welas Asih Foundation.


Islam conveys its Da'wah in various ways, because Allah has taught us to preach well.


The Compassion Hall runs the Spiritual Tourism Concept, here will be built Bungalows that are on a large pool of water.


It is expected that those who come to the Padepokan together with their families, they can take a break, swim, fishing and at night they can dhikr, prayer congregation, religious consultations and sharing in matters of religion so that they truly travel and their spirituality is filled with religious teachings.

So they returned from this Padepokan in a Fresh / Fresh state.

Using the name Padepokan for taking the example of the spread of Islam on the island of Java by the Guardians 9, he-he did not establish a pesantren but founded the Padepokan.


At that time, Padepokan functioned as a place to accommodate Santri from various backgrounds; there are those who have not believed, some have already believed, some are half believers.

After entering at the Headquarters they were given Guidance and Religious Words.


After they were trained to become santri, these santri usually left the Padepokan and made Islamic boarding schools.

It is planned that the Vocational School will also build a Vocational School.

The goal is that people who leave this vocational school about 4 or 5 months already have skills so that they can work according to their expertise.


Once the Islamic Hospital is planned to be built.

Alhamdulillah Now In the Hall of Compassion Has Been Formed An Institution based on Tahfizh Qur'an which is now given the name TAHFIZH QUR'AN HOUSE PADEPOKAN WELAS ASIH On the 17th of Ramadhan 1439 H. However, besides the santri being demanded to memorize the Qur'an . Santri will also be provided with knowledge that will be useful in the future, such as THIBBUN NABAWI (Prophetic Medicine), DAKWAH METHOD, RUQYAH SYAR'IYAH, TILAWATIL QUR'AN, ASSESSMENT OF CHOICE BOOKS that will perfect the provision of santri to preach Islam On this earth.