Padepokan Welas Asih is Spiritual Workshop for those who want to consult about Religious, Household, Psychologie, Business, Career, Job and others.


Drs. KH. Rd. Ryan Sukandar. SH. MH. MM. MM Psi. is the Founder and Chairman of Padepokan Welas Asih.

All answers given by KH. Rd. Ryan Sukandar directed to how to solve their problems through Islamic channels and according to the provisions of the Qur'an.


God said that in fact the Qur'an was revealed as a remedy and mercy to the believers.


Why is this institution called Padepokan, not a boarding school (Pesantren) like in some places in Indonesia?.


Using “Padepokan’ for taking samples spread Islam in Java by “Wali 9”, they founded Padepokan, not boarding school.

The strategic location of Desa Waru Induk Kampung Jeletreng, Parung is near to Mount of Sindur and Parung Panjang which is, according to history, was a place of trajectory of War army  led by Prince Fatahillah in subjugated  the Batavia city.


It is the location  where he trained his army to defeat his enemies, it is also the place of Islamic proselytization.


Today, Padepokan Welas Asih officially became a legal institution after registered at Ny. Yeni Ambaryatun, SH, MM. on December 19, 2003, under the name Padepokan Welas Asih Foundation.


Islamic preaching delivered through a variety of ways, because God taught us to call people well.


Padepokan Welas Asih turn the concept of Spiritual Tour, here we will built bungalows which are located on a large pool of water.

Currently held every Saturday night Padepokan Welas Asih Dzikir Istighosah, prayed together for the release of all sorts of trouble and also submits wishes to God.


For teens who want to learn martial arts will be taught Silat Tapak Diri.


Padepokan Welas Asih also planned to built the Vocational School.


The goal is that people coming out of vocational school, is about four or five months already have skills, so they can work according to expertise.


Padepokan Welas Asih also plans to build the Islamic Hospital.


All existing programs will be applied cross-subsidy system, for those who can not afford, do not pay, but for those who can afford, then they should pay and they can also pay Infaq, because Infaq is the Door of Heaven.


For its further development, Padepokan Welas Asih still desperately need support and assistance from Donors who wish to participate and want to spend their wealth in Allah's way with participating completing this project.


All Courses are conducted by Padepokan Welas Asih has provided Expert Power, like Labor Educator, Acupuncture Expert, Doctor, Reflection Expert under the supervision of KH. Rd. Ryan Sukandar.

It is expected that anyone who comes to Padepokan with family, they can rest, Swimming, Fishing and night they can make dzikir, salat in congregation, consultation and sharing in terms of religion, so they really make a tour and they were filled with the spiritual teachings of religion.


So they came home from Padepokan in a state of Fresh.


In bungalow, gazebo and swimmingpoool, there will be a Sound System that is directly connected to the Majlis Ta'lim, so they can directly hear Pengajian.

If they are interested, they can press a button and can interactively ask Ustadz.

People who learn not have to deal directly with the Ustadz, but while fishing they can ask Ustad, the person who drinking coffee in gazebo can ask Ustadz, those who sit in the Bungalow can also learn Religion.


This is the Concept of Spiritual Tours.

At that time, Padepokan serves as a place to accommodate the students (Santri) who come from various backgrounds, there are not believers, there are already believers and there are a half-believers.

They provided guidance and Religious Discourse. Once they are trained, they make a boarding school (Pesantren).


The Establishment of Padepokan begins from the routine activities from KH. Rd. Ryan Sukandar as preachers and grandmaster of Pencak Silat Tapak Diri.

This activity has been started from Bengkulu, Curup, Condet, Bekasi, Cikeas, Bintaro.


And now Padepokan settled in the area of 5 hectares of land in Desa Waru Induk, Parung - Bogor.


JL. H. Mawi Nr.99 Rt 001 / RW 01

Desa Waru Induk

Parung - Bogor 16330


Phone        : 0251-8603906 / 8619091

Fax            : 0251-8610311

E-mail       :

Banker      : BANK MANDIRI - Account Nr. 157-00-0131595-2.

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                    Name : RH. Ryan Sukandar